Private Provider Network (PPN)

The Private Provider Network, established in 1996, currently represents 19 private agencies that provide a wide range of high quality/cost effective community-based supports to individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities throughout sew Hampshire. We provide these services as independent non-profit and for profit agencies through contractual arrangements with the Area Agency System of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Guiding our work is the central belief that consumer choice is optimized by a broad based, entrepreneurial, competitive vendor system that is locally controlled. Our members represent a cornerstone of the community system that has evolved through local representation and privatization of valuable social services in New Hampshire. The Private Provider Network has offered individuals with disabilities a set of values which can be used to create opportunities for people to lead meaningful lives within their communities by building on solid relationships with local businesses and citizens.

Our collective mission is to develop and promote the independence and empowerment of people with disabilities through a unified voice of private provider agencies.