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New Hampshire Private Provider Network (PPN) has over 15 member organizations. Each member is dedicated to providing a variety of support services for people with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire.

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Vision For Creative Housing Solutions

Visions For Creative Housing

8 Sunrise Farm Road,
Enfield, NH 03748


The mission of Visions for Creative Housing Solutions is to provide residential options, services and support designed to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities and similar disabling conditions. We are dedicated to fostering growth and independence through vocational, social, and recreational opportunities.

Our goal is to proactively address an orderly transition of care for adults with developmental and similar disabilities from their aging parents to a stable, reliable and caring environment. We provide each individual with surroundings that are conducive to long term friendships and a sense of well being and self worth.

Visions is a 501c3 non profit organization headed by Executive Director Sylvia Dow and our Board of Directors. We have a house manager, personal mentors both full and part time, overnight staff in the main house 24/7, a registered nurse on call, and a property manager.

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