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New Hampshire Private Provider Network (PPN) has over 15 member organizations. Each member is dedicated to providing a variety of support services for people with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire.

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Southwestern Community Services

Southwestern Community Services, Inc.

Southwestern Community Services, Inc.
63 Community Way
Post Office Box 603
Keene, NH 03431-0603


Southwestern Community Services, Inc. is one of six community action agencies throughout New Hampshire, and part of the larger network of 70 agencies in New England and nearly 900 agencies nationwide.  

We have been serving the needs of our citizens for more than 41 years, beginning
in 1965  when President Lyndon Johnson waged his “War on Poverty.” Over these 41 years our programs have evolved and expanded to keep pace with the constantly changing needs of our citizens. We strive to stay in touch with the real needs of the people and find or develop programs that will best serve those needs.  We have a diverse funding base ranging from federal to state and local governments, as well as private foundations and corporations.

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